Discovery box subscription for 1 to 2 adults

£2.00for your first box
20-60 mins cook
5-20 mins prep
Serves 1-2

Create authentic dishes time and time again with this flexible “cook it yourself” recipe kit subscription, delivering all you need through your letterbox to cook 3 delicious meals.

Just add a few fresh ingredients and wow your family and friends.

The first box contains 3 kits selected from some of our most popular recipes:

Kit 1: Murgh Makhini (Butter Chicken or Veg) Kit 2: Sri Lankan (Chicken or Veg) Kit 3: Malabar (Prawn or Cauliflower)

Each kit serves up to 4 people (or 2 twice). All of our recipes come with both meat and vegetarian options as standard in the recipe box.

In each kit you will find the following:

  • A recipe card with both meat and vegetarian cooking instructions and pictures of the dish.
  • A fresh paste blend, typically ginger and garlic, but also fragrant pastes.
  • A selection of specially prepared spice blends.
  • If the recipe requires a rub or marinade mix or sauce sachet.
  • Ground coconut, lime, garlic, fenugreek leaf or other difficult to buy ingredients.

Future kits are selected from our range of over 100 recipes (and growing!) which are selected by our chefs to reflect the season they are delivered in.

Any question? Just message Steph our Tyga expert:

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