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The Ultimate Hot Curry Lover's Kit

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Product Details

Perfect for those who like it hot, hot, hot when it comes to curry, this ready-prepared meal kit contains all of the fresh herbs, spices and paste blends needed to cook up a fantastic spicy Indian feast with a selection of dishes that boast a real kick for the tastebuds.

The ideal gift for curry-lovers, foodies and keen cooks, you’ll find all of the bespoke spice blends needed in order to whip up three main dishes and two side dishes; including easy-to-follow recipe cards to make cooking authentic Indian cuisine as easy as possible. Each spice sachet is perfectly portioned and freshly sealed to pack in maximum flavour, too. Simply grab a few fresh ingredients listed on the recipe cards, such as the chicken, lamb and rice, and you’re ready to cook up a storm.

This kit contains all that's needed to create the following authentic Indian dishes, easy for even the most novice of cooks to whip up and as spicy as you can handle (don't worry, you can go easy on the chilli if you prefer!):

Pork Vindaloo

Kerala Pepper Chicken

Lamb Madras

Onion Bhaji

Best of all, The Ultimate Hot Curry Lover's Kit comes in an attractively--packaged box delivered straight through the letterbox. Perfect as a gift for the curry-lover or spice enthusiast in your life, or the ideal way to impress your own dinner guests with your Indian culinary skills!

Each of the dried ingredients included in the kits has a shelf life of around 9 months, whilst the Ginger and Garlic Paste lasts for around 3. Simply pop the paste in the fridge when it arrives to keep it looking beautiful. A list of all allergens is clearly labelled in the box.

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