In 2008, our culinary journey began with a captivating exploration of India. Faced with the challenge of recreating the incredible dishes we fell in love with, we struggled to source the fresh herbs and spices essential for truly authentic Indian cuisine. Driven by our shared passion for Asian flavours, we embarked on a mission to bring the world of authentic Asian cuisine closer to your home kitchen.

Seeking guidance from Shahin, the chef at our favourite local Indian restaurant, the idea for Tyga was born: a beautifully packaged meal kit containing all of the fresh herbs, spices, and paste blends you need to create a variety of authentic Asian dishes at home, conveniently and directly through your letterbox. 

Drawing inspiration from our love for travel and food, we are thrilled to expand our selection of meal kits to include a variety of Asian cuisines. A recent addition is the introduction of Tyga Vegan Recipes and Gifts, which has earned certification from Vegan-Friendly UK, sparking a positive and enthusiastic response from our customers. 

Tyga offers options for subscription or individual kits—perfect for food enthusiasts, curry lovers, or those who enjoy cook. Tyga Asian meal kits provide a seamless way to transport your guests on a culinary journey through Asia from the comfort of your kitchen. Our diverse selection includes sought-after date night curry and gin letterbox hampers, which won Gift of the Year 2024 for Best Food and Drink Product Range. Whether it's for dinner parties, everyday meals, special occasions, or as a unique gift for a loved one, Tyga brings the authentic flavors of Asia directly to your home.

Tyga Food Managing Director

Izzy Matthews
Managing Director