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Pho Noodle Soup

Pho Noodle Soup

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Serves: 4 (or 2 twice)

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 15 minutes

Origin: Vietnam

Fish Option Available
Fish option
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Quick Cook

One of the icons of Vietnamese cuisine, Pho has become renowned the world over for its delicate, delicious flavours and hearty blend of spice and succulent noodles; the perfect light dish come lunchtime or supper. Thought to have origins dating back to the mid-1880's, Pho boasts influences from both French and Chinese cuisine, effectively blending the two to create a dish entirely unique to Vietnam. With a rich, warming broth, vibrant fresh herbs and gentle heat, its ideal for those craving a flavoursome feast without going too heavy on the stomach.

What's in the box?

Tyga Masala 41 Soy sauce Fish sauce Ginger & Garlic paste Chilli Flakes Unami Stock

Shopping list

  • 450g pork fillet / tofu / mushrooms (choose your protein or veg)
  • 250g ramen noodles / rice noodles /egg noodles
  • 6 spring onions
  • 1 litre water
  • 300g beansprouts
  • 175g baby pak choi
  • 1 tbs vegetable / rapeseed / olive oil

Let's cook!

  1. Depending on your choice of protein or veg: Cut the Pork fillet into thin discs and then into fine strips Cut the Tofu into bite size pieces Cut the Mushrooms in half.
  2. Make a marinade; in a bowl mix Tyga Masala 41, Ginger & Garlic paste, Soy Sauce, Fish sauce and then add the Pork / Tofu / Mushrooms. Marinade for no more than 15 minutes.
  3. Finely slice the spring onions.
  4. Tear or chop the pak choi into large pieces.
  5. Make a stock in a measuring jug by adding the Unami Stock to 1 litre of boiled water.
  6. Cook the noodles according to packet instructions and then rinse in cold water to stop them cooking further.
  7. In a wok or a deep heavy-based frying pan, add the oil over a high heat. Add the spring onions and fry for 2 minutes stirring continuously.
  8. Add the marinaded Pork / Tofu / Mushrooms and its liquid marinade into the wok. Fry for 2 minutes.
  9. Add the hot Unami Stock to the pan and bring to the boil. Check the Pork / Tofu / Mushrooms are cooked through.
  10. Add the beansprouts and pak choi cook for 1 minute.
  11. Arrange the drained noodles equally in four bowls and ladle over the Pho soup.
  12. Finally scatter the chilli flakes and serve.

Ingredients & allergies

Ginger & Garlic Paste (Ginger, Garlic, Citric acid, Sea salt, Ascorbic acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium metabisulphite). Tyga 41 (Ground coriander, Lime Powder, Paprika). Fish Sauce (Anchovy extract (66% w/w), Salt (29% w/w), Sugar (5% w/w) contains FISH).Chilli Flakes. Stock, Salt, Tomato Powder, Sundried Tomato Powder, Yeast Extract Powder, Porcini Mushroom Powder. Soy Sauce, Water, Soy extract (Water, Non-GM IP Soybeans, Salt and Wheat), Salt, Glucose, Barley malt extract and Spirit vinegar.

Each of the dried ingredients included in the kits has a shelf life of around 9 months, whilst the Ginger and Garlic Paste lasts for around 6 months. Simply pop the paste in the fridge when it arrives to keep it looking beautiful.

A list of all allergens is clearly labelled in the box. All of our food is packaged in the same place so may contain: gluten, eggs, nuts, soya, milk, celery, fish, mustard or sesame and may not be suitable for small children.

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